Whats Changed

  • Important changes from September 2013

    On 23rd September 2013 we changed our company and brand names and launched a new website for our international customers.


    What names are changing?

    On 23rd September 2013, the names of a number of companies, together with their brands, service names and business names, changed. Set out below is a table showing the old names and the new ones. With effect from 23rd September, any references to an old name in our documentation (including within terms and conditions) and on our website and online systems should be read as a reference to the corresponding new name shown in the table. 

    Old name
    (before 23rdSeptember 2013)
    New name
    (from 23rd September 2013)
    Lloyds TSB Offshore Limited Lloyds Bank International Limited
    Lloyds TSB Bank (Gibraltar) Limited Lloyds Bank (Gibraltar) Limited
    Lloyds TSB Bank plc Lloyds Bank plc
    Lloyds TSB Bank Lloyds Bank
    Lloyds TSB Bank International Lloyds Bank International
    Lloyds TSB Private Banking Lloyds Bank Private Banking
    Offshore (eg Offshore PhoneBank) International (eg International PhoneBank)
    Lloyds TSB Offshore Fund Managers Limited Lloyds Investment Fund Managers Limited
    Lloyds TSB Offshore Funds Limited Lloyds Investment Funds Limited
    Lloyds TSB Offshore Trust Company Limited Lloyds Trust Company (Channel Islands) Limited
    Lloyds TSB Offshore Private Clients Limited Lloyds Offshore Private Clients Limited

    Please note there are no other changes to your products, offers, terms and conditions, or other services including internet and telephone.

    Why has this happened?

    As a result of a ruling by the European Commission (EC) in 2009 aimed at increasing competition and customer choice in the UK banking sector through the creation of a new bank (TSB Bank plc), Lloyds TSB Bank plc has had to change its name. As a consequence, other companies in Lloyds Banking Group are removing “TSB” from their company and brand names. You can find more about the EC ruling at ec.europa.eu by searching for ‘Lloyds Banking Group’.