• Same Day Payments (CHAPS)

  • Electronic same-day payments to UK account

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    CHAPS is an electronic, bank to bank same-day payment system of cleared funds in the UK, providing the instruction is received before 4.25pm.

    Key features

    • Provides speed of payment.
    • Payments can be made for any amount.
    • Funds are cleared on the day they are received.
  • Features & Benefits

    • Fast, reliable and secure method of same business day payment of cleared funds in the UK.
    • Payment is made from one account to another on the same business day.
    • Funds are cleared on the day of receipt.
    • Sterling payments only.
    • Payments can be done for any amount, so there’s no need to worry about cheque limits.
    • Easy to arrange.
    • Money is received on the same business day, can therefore be drawn against immediately.
  • Charges & Fees

    Electronic Funds Transfer CHAPS Payment – £30

  • How to apply:


    Visit us in branch

    Drop in to your local branch to complete an application form. Or complete the attached application form and fax to your island Corporate Banking Centre.

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