• Check this site for any changes to the transfer date

    Accounts held in Jersey, the Isle of Man and Guernsey are provided by Lloyds Bank International Limited (LBIL), which is a subsidiary of Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets plc (LBCM). LBIL is incorporated in Jersey and LBCM is incorporated in England and Wales.

    On 2 December 2019 we plan to transfer accounts held with LBIL to the Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey branches of LBCM, which will trade under the name Lloyds Bank International.

    If your accounts are included in the transfer, we will have written to you to let you know what it means for you. Investment portfolios are not part of the transfer.

    Please check this site from time to time, as this is where we’ll let you know if the planned date of the transfer to LBCM changes.

    Your accounts and services will stay the same

    The day–to–day running of your accounts, how you contact us, use our services and your local branch will not change as a result of this transfer. Your account details and features will also stay the same.

    The process involves court hearings

    For accounts held in Jersey and the Isle of Man, the transfer is subject to regulatory and court approval. Please use the links below for more information about the transfer process relevant to you, depending on where your accounts are held.

    The transfer process for accounts held in Jersey and the Isle of Man

    The transfer process for accounts held in Guernsey