• Supporting and Understanding Businesses

    Even the most successful businesses can experience hard times. However, with us you know that if your business gets into difficulty our specialist teams will be on hand to help you get things back on track.

    Enhanced Relationship Teams

    Our local island-based teams can offer you their guidance and support to help find solutions to many of the difficulties you face. By increasing the number of dedicated managers and business support managers, we can give you support when you need it. Our approach has resulted in us being voted Bank of the Year for the seventh year running by the CBI Real Business Finance Director Awards - the largest survey of its kind in the UK.

    Additional Financing

    Lloyds Banking Group helped over 1900 businesses in 2010, providing over £30bn of finance. And by providing an additional £11bn of finance over the next 12 months – with at least another £11bn the following year – we aim to keep your business on the right track.

    Daily Economic and Market updates

    Our Economic Research Team can provide you with a daily commentary on the financial markets and a monthly market update call.


    It’s hard to imagine that there’s a single business on the islands that won’t be affected by the impact of climate change. We’re taking this issue very seriously. We talk frequently with our customers and participate in forums and conferences to share our experience and knowledge of the issues involved.

    There will be many commercial opportunities that will present themselves as we move to a low carbon economy. One such sector is renewable energy finance. We are a leading renewable bank by debt underwriting capability and have one of the largest teams of product experts of any UK bank in the specialist field of renewable financing and green technology development.

    Find out more about how we’re helping businesses with their sustainability challenges at:

    Business Insight